About Bell Plastics

Bell Plastics Ltd is a subsidiary of Synnovia Plc.

Bell Plastics Ltd specialises in the manufacture of technical plastic products for the rubber hose industry. Our product range includes high-quality flexible hose mandrels, mandrel lubricants and high-performance films.


We are the leading independent manufacturer of plastic mandrels for rubber hoses, with a unique range of high-quality, innovative products. Our UHMWPE and XLPE films and sheets are used for lining and covering major brands of hydraulic, industrial and fluid transfer hose.


Our products are used globally and our customers range from major multinationals to smaller, fast-growing manufacturers in developing markets, all seeking to improve their productivity and efficiency and to 
introduce new product lines. 


With over 25 years experience in our chosen markets, we have grown our business through product innovation, flexibility, technical service and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. We aim to give the highest standards of customer service and support, our products are made under a comprehensive quality management system, certified to ISO9001:2015



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