Bell Plastics range of high-performance UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) films offers solutions for the most demanding rubber hose applications, where high resistance to chemical attack or abrasion is required.

Chosen by major hose producers around the world for hose linings and covers, Bell Plastics' range of UHMWPE films offers a solution for every application, with the flexibility of service to meet each user's individual requirements.

UHMWPE Product Range

Our wide product range includes a grade for almost every application. Our technical advice will help you choose the right grade for you.  The range includes:

Natural (translucent)

Our natural UHMWPE film is more wear-resistant than steel, has very low friction, and resists a very wide range of chemicals.  Ideal for industrial and food hose linings and can be used for wear-resistant covers.

Natural (UV-resistant)

A natural film containing added UV-stabiliser for longer life in outdoor applications than our standard natural film.  For highest UV resistance, we recommend our black grades.


All the advantages of our natural UHMWPE, with a small amount of carbon to make it black in colour.  The carbon provides excellent UV-resistance, making this material preferred for hose covers.

Black Conductive

Contains a higher percentage of very finely dispersed carbon than our standard black, making the film electrically conductive.  For use in applications where static dissipation is required.


 A specially-developed film with carefully-designed UHMWPE and carbon particle sizes and concentrations, giving extremely high electrical conductivity for demanding applications.


As for our natural film, but with an opaque white colour.  FDA-approved, like most of our films, this film is ideal for many food, beverage and pharmaceutical uses.


We can offer a range of hundreds of colours with the same basic properties as our natural film, in order to meet your exact aesthetic requirements or to distinguish your product in the market place.  Please contact us for further details

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