Mandrel Lubricants

Mandrel lubricants are applied to flexible mandrels to improve mandrel ejection performance, minimising ejection time and water pressure, eliminating tube damage and mandrel damage (snakeskin).

Experts in hose lubricants

We produce a range of mandrel lubricants, which have been developed specifically for hose production under the Bellflex Lube range. Bell Plastics Ltd produces only water based mandrel lubricant/release products eliminating risk of flammable solvents and environmental damage (VOC).

We offer a service to establish the best lubricant for each hose/mandrel combination, a service that is critical as tube compounds vary and behave very differently.

  • Improved mandrel ejection

    Through a combination of production selection, advice on how lubricant should be applied, we enable our customers to optimise mandrel ejection and reduce very costly, common issues:

    Mandrel skin (snakeskin) contamination of hose and mandrel damage
    Hose tube damage
    Unnecessary cutting of hose into shorter lengths
    Rapid mandrel ejection/blow out

    Bell Plastics lubricants are not simply a range of mandrel lubricants but a complete lubrication service for all your mandrel needs. Utilising both the intensively researched lubricants and the technical knowledge and international experience of Bell Plastics, Bellflex Lube ensures that your mandrels, your hoses and your lubricant all work in harmony.

  • Lube products

    Bellflex Lube 2713
    Bellflex Lube 2729
    Bellflex Lube 2730
    Bellflex Lube 2731
    Bellflex Lube 2745 completely silicone free

    Supplied in 25kg drums, Non toxic and safe to use.

  • Features

    Mandrel lubricant is optimised for ease of mandrel ejection
    Optimise ‘release and slip’
    Better lubricant choice will reducemandrel ejection time and prevent unnecessary measures (e.g. high ejection pressures and cutting hose to shorter lengths)

    Through Bell’s in house testing facilities we can find the optimal lubricant for your rubber hose compound and mandrel of choice to:

    Improve mandrel life
    Prevent hose tube damage
    Reduce time consuming trials

  • Why choose lubricants from Bell Plastics?

    Reducing Chemicals
    By reducing chemical and physical bonding, initila release from the tube can be significantly improved

    Improved slip
    Improved ‘slip’ overcomes the high surface energy (‘grip’) of certain tube compounds which is critical for fast ejection

    Efficient lubricant application achieves the right balance between good coverage and excess removal

    Minimal contamination
    Lubricant contamination kept to a minimum

    Decrease drying time
    Airblades and Infa Red (IR) tunnels can be used to decrease drying time

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