Ultra XLPE Film

New Ultra XLPE has outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance and is ideally suited for hose covers, conveyor belts and abrasion resistant industrial products.

Ultra XLPE Film

Ultra XLPE film is a new and innovative film that offers many of the advantages of UHMWPE films plus additional benefits of being able to produce much wider sheets, all at a substantial cost saving.

Ultra XLPE film has outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance and is ideally suited for applications such as hose covers and abrasion resistant industrial products. This novel film is available in two variants, Ultra XLPE for non polar rubbers and Ultra XLPE-XB for polar rubber materials.

  • Key Benefits

    • Abrasion resistant: The performance of Ultra XLPE is comparable with UHMWPE

    • Smooth surface: These films have very smooth surface finishes and low coefficient of friction (typical <0.2, static and dynamic)

    • Customised size and thickness: Film dimensions are easily tailored to your specific requirements.

    • Process compatibility: During the normal vulcanization of rubber compounds, the film will melt and form a continuous coating on the rubber surface

    • Superior UV resistance: The black grade of Ultra XLPE film has a superior UV resistance and it is recommended to use for hose covers and applications where the film is exposed to sunlight

    • Exceptional adhesion: Ultra XLPE-XB adheres extremely well to polar rubbers such as NBR. The use of the film with non polar rubbers is not recommended. For non polar rubbers we recommend Ultra XLPE films only.

    • Safety: The flammability of the film is comparable to UHMWPE films (UL-94 test method). This material has been approved to use in contact with potable water up to 85°C

    • Flexibility: The cold flexibility of the film is also similar to UHMWPE films, passes as low as to -55°C

  • Applications

    Many industrial and hydraulic hoses are used in very harsh environments such as mining, construction, heavy engine and oil & gas markets. Ultra XLPE films are well suited for these extreme environments as the film is both abrasion and chemical resistant. Since the film is compatible with rubber hose vulcanisation processes no additional steps are required to use the product in manufacturing.

  • Advanced Technology

    Ultra XLPE films are based on a new and innovative high molecular weight polyethylene material from Bell Plastics which offer excellent abrasion resistance combined with a low coefficient of friction, making them ideal for producing covers for rubber compounds.

    Ultra XLPE films have outstanding shelf life when stored indoors at room temperature.

  • A wide variety of formats

    Thickness range: 0.1 – 0.5mm
    Widths: up to 1.2 meters
    Roll length: up to 1,000 meters
    Colour: natural or black

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