Mandrel Welding Equipment

We have a variety of welders to suit your mandrel requirements.

RSX01 Mandrel Friction Welder

The RSX01 mandrel welder is the perfect solution for fast and precise mandrel welding. Mandrels are spliced within seconds, increasing operator productivity. As the tool operates at room temperature, there are no long heating-up or set-up times. As well as saving time, this tool eliminates the high operating cost of hot metal welders.

Designed for accurate alignment, the RSX01 mandrel welder ensures mandrels are aligned perfectly each time for this most critical step in the rubber hose manufacturing process. The RSX01 mandrel welder is simple to master and easy to use.  Small and compact, it can be bench mounted and be used in small spaces. This mandrel welder RSX01 is designed with exchangeable jaws to splice mandrels with profiles from a few millimeters to over 30mm.

  • Benefits

    Fast welding of mandrels in seconds

    Precise alignment of mandrels after welding

    No waiting
    No heating up time as tool operates at room temperature

    Can be bench mounted

    Better suited
    Motor/vibration frequencies better suited for mandrel welding

    Easy to use

Digital Hotplate Mandrel Welder

The Bell Plastics Digital Hotplate Mandrel Welder is a professional welding tool suitable for a range of mandrel materials. Specifically developed for splicing mandrels, it is quick to use and guarantees precise splicing. To minimise downtime, the Digital Hotplate Mandrel Welder heats up in less than two minutes thanks to high-performance cartridge heaters.

Designed with safety in mind, the Digital Hotplate Mandrel Welder has an innovative safety rest for safe placement on the work placement. This safety stand reduces the risk of fire or injury. This robust mandrel welder is simple to operate yet achieves high quality splices for a range of thermoplastics mandrels. It features a unique control pad for one-handed operation and fiberglass-reinforced ergonomic housing.

  • Benefits

    Precise temperature control (+/- 1oC)

    Easy to clean Teflon coated heating plate

    After welding precision
    Precise alignment of mandrels after welding

    Easy to use
    Operator friendly tool – no temperature or settings to control

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