Advanced mandrel technology expertise

We are experts in material technology and high quality mandrel mandrel manufacturing. Our customers are international hydraulic, industrial and automotive rubber hose manufacturing businesses requiring advanced mandrel technology expertise. They choose Bell Plastics for challenging hose process issues they cannot solve themselves.

Technical Collaboration

Our process of collaboration starts with a curiosity to understand hose production issue. We look for the challenges our customers may be experiencing and we consider how we can make improvements. Then we make it our business to work closely with customers to engineer those problems away. These win-win technical partnerships lead to a stream of innovative mandrel products that improve our customers’ supply chain.

Local supply support

We put the supply chain needs of our customers at the heart of our growth strategies. Our international and regional manufacturing facilities ensure supply chain availability equivalent to that expected from internally manufactured mandrels.

Extraordinary service

We never let you down. Our highest performance specialist mandrels are locally produced and delivered on time with supply chain support.

Doing it differently

We approach everyday decisions and activities with a set of guiding core values. These core values keep our people focused on the long-term health of our business.

Creating value

We start with the customer and work backwards.

We know that innovation is our life blood.

We strive for win-win with all stakeholders.

Building teams

We lead by giving our teams the space to operate and the support to deliver.

We rely on open communication and constructive challenge.

We encourage collaboration, good humour and a positive mind set at all times.

Developing individuals

We feel and act like long term owners.

We understand that failure and improvement go together so long as grit is sandwiched in between.

We are all Synnovia.

International manufacturing for global markets

We are the only multinational mandrel supplier servicing the global hose industry. Our network of international and regional manufacturing facilities ensures supply chain availability across the world.

We have manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America and a network of warehouses and logistics partners worldwide.

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Bell Plastics is committed to providing the best performing, most sustainable hose production products to answer our customers’ needs. We work to ensure we meet all our own environmental responsibilities whilst working closely with our customers to help them achieve theirs.

We are all Synnovia

Bell Plastics is a Synnovia company. Synnovia manufactures high volume specialised components and consumables for niche applications or highly specialised designs. Synnovia engineered innovations are used across almost every industrial and service sector. Synnovia sells to over 80 countries worldwide. With its global operating platform, Synnovia services multinational blue-chip original equipment manufacturers and other customers, wherever they are located.

US Manufacturing facility qualified

Bell Plastics has received formal notification from…

Bell Plastics grows US operations

To further consolidate its position in the North American market…

Bell Plastics expands mandrel capacity

Due to unprecedented demand from customers worldwide…

North American warehouse established

Significant growth in sales in the North American market…

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