We work to ensure we meet all our own environmental responsibilities whilst working closely with our customers to help them achieve theirs.

Plastic is a force for good

We produce plastic components and consumables where plastic is the most sustainable material available and provides unbeatable technical performance. Within each of our specialist application sectors and for each technical application, no material has a better carbon footprint than plastic, provided each is recycled and reused effectively.

When we manufacture high volume components and consumables, our plastic engineered solutions help create more sustainable products and minimise the environmental footprint. In our applications, using plastic (instead of alternative materials) reduces overall fuel usage, improves fuel efficiency, reduces water use and minimises food waste.

Plastics have a strong environmental profile. All polymers are lightweight, durable, low carbon and recyclable. And they are not a major drain on our natural resources. Only 4% of global oil production is used for plastics. (BPF)

We see waste as the opportunity

We see waste as the key opportunity for improvement. In our effort to support the vision of a circular economy for plastics, we focus our efforts on three areas of waste management.

Waste not, want not
We are committed to increasing the recycling of our internal waste Our goal is to increase the recycling of this waste by 6%., before 2021. Any remaining waste is likely to go to recycling or synthetic fuel as we cannot currently re-use it.

Customer assistance
Where possible, we facilitate improved recycling by our customers and advise them about more sustainable alternatives; tougher/stronger materials being the most obvious opportunity at present.

Material development
Bell Plastics is committed to providing the best performing, most sustainable products to answer our customers’ needs. We continually research and assess alternative materials to ensure our engineered solutions offer the best performance possible using the most suitable materials.

Bell Plastics is committed to exploring and developing:

Lighter/thinner but stronger materials (light-weighting)
Re-usable and recycled materials
End-of-life waste solutions
Partnerships with research establishments to develop new materials

Sustainability in Action

Take a look at some of the ways we are working to ensure we meet all our own environmental responsibilities whilst partnering closely with our customers to help them achieve theirs.

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