Rubber Hose

We are the leading independent manufacturer of thermoplastic mandrels for rubber hoses, with a unique range of high-quality, innovative products. Our UHMWPE and XLPE films and sheets are used for lining and covering major brands of hydraulic, industrial and other hoses. Our lubricants are designed specifically for hose production and will give the chosen mandrel the best opportunity of releasing from the chosen rubber compound.

If you are in the rubber hose business, Bell Plastics is focused on your needs. We are the leading independent manufacturer of high quality plastic mandrels, lubricants, UHMWPE and XLPE films.

Experts and innovators in hose mandrels and films.

Our customers span the world, from Europe to North & South America, India and the Far East. They include most of the major multinational hose producers and many smaller, fast-growing companies looking to improve their productivity and expand their range of hoses. By working with Bell Plastics, your business will benefit from our:

  • Focus

    Bell Plastics has focused on the rubber hose industry ever since the company was founded over 20 years ago. That means we understand hoses and we understand the needs that companies like yours have from a mandrel and film supplier.

  • Expertise

    We don’t just make great products, we give our customers continuing technical support based on our knowledge of our products’ use in the hose industry. This can range from helping new customers select and switch to a new type of mandrel, through to advising how to squeeze the best performance from them.

  • High-quality innovative products

    Our mandrels and films are made to exacting specifications under our ISO9001 quality management system. We have a history of pioneering the introduction of new mandrel and film products, creating new opportunities for our customers in rubber hose design and production.

XLPE film

Bell Plastics XLPE sheet is a reliable and trusted alternative to UHMWPE for hose linings in chemical and industrial hose applications.

Thermoplastic mandrels

Our range of hose mandrels are tailored for exact hose manufacturing needs to optimise mandrel life, ejection/blow out and minimise hose scrap.


Our range of high-performance UHMWPE  films is chosen by hose producers around the world for hose linings and covers.

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