Hose Mandrels

Bell Plastics is the leading independent manufacturer of flexible thermoplastic mandrels for the rubber hose industry.

Experts in hose mandrels

We make mandrels from nylon, polyproylene, thermoplastic elastomers (eg Hytrel®/Arnitel®) and TPX®, all to our customers’ individual requirements using a unique, specially-developed extrusion process, which produces mandrels without voids, improving long term dimensional stability.

Our mandrels help hose-makers reduce their total production costs and improve hose quality. That’s why successful hose manufacturers around world, from major multinational companies to smaller, ambitious local manufacturers, choose mandrels from Bell Plastics, the hose mandrel experts.

  • Features

    Specially-selected compounds, chosen specifically for mandrels
    Accurate and consistent diameter for easy mandrel extraction, more accurate hose ID’s and fewer hose rejects
    No central holes, voids or internal wire (unless desired)
    Long lengths, easily joined
    Flexible mandrels up to 50mm (2″) diameter
    Types suitable for braided and spiral hose
    Long mandrel life for lower costs

  • Why choose mandrels from Bell Plastics?

    We are experts in hose mandrels
    We have been making mandrels for over 15 years.  Everything from the materials we use to our unique extrusion process is designed especially for making mandrels.

    Our mandrels make better hoses, at lower cost
     With highly accurate and consistent diameters, no internal voids or wires and easy welding and extraction, our nylon mandrels are easy to use and produce less scrap hose.  And with their longer life than most other mandrel types, they reduce the overall cost of hose production.

    Our application support
    Using our extensive product knowledge and many years’ experience of mandrels in use, we give our customers detailed technical advice on how to get the best results from them.  And, for hose producers looking to use flexible plastic mandrels for the first time, or switching from a different mandrel material, we can help with transition process, by selecting mandrel materials that release easily from the hose and last several cycles (through age testing with tube compounds).

    Our wide range of mandrels
    Means we probably have one to suit your particular application.  Please contact us to discuss!

  • Capability

    Flexible nylon (polyamide), polyproylene, thermoplstic elastomer (eg Hytrel®/Arnitel®) and TPX®

    3 – 50mm (1/8th – 2″), to customer’s own specification

    Natural or colour-coded for easy identification

    Supplied form
    In coils, or wound on customer drums

    Coil lengths
    Up to 2,500m in a continuous length at DN6 (¼”)

  • Frequently encountered problems

    Dimensional Control
    1. Voids/holes in the mandrel
    2. Soft rubber mandrels
    3. Low tensile strength mandrels

    Material Compatibility
    Tube/Mandrel material compatibility leading to:
    1. Mandrel bonding
    2. Embrittlement

    Mandrel Ejection
    1. Mandrel material choice
    2. Lubricant
    3. Lubricant application
    4. Ejection process/pressures
    5. Preventing “snakeskin”

    Cost Control
    1. Number of mandrel turns
    2. Ejection speed
    3. Scrap/rejects





Our mandrel range

Our wide product range includes a mandrel for almost every application and our advice will help you choose the right one.

  • Type K Nylon

    Our standard, medium-flexibility nylon compound, suitable for the majority of hose production, particularly in the smaller diameters.  Like all our nylon mandrels, Type K mandrels have highly accurate and consistent diameters and are completely free from internal voids. Flexural modulus of this material ranges from 550MPa – 1050MPa

  • Type R Nylon

    A higher-performance nylon compound, specially-modified for greater flexibility and better resistance to rubber chemicals than Type K.  Widely chosen for larger mandrel diameters. The flexural modulus of this material ranges from 450MPa – 600MPa

  • Type U Nylon

    With higher tensile strength than Type K, our Type U mandrels are preferred for manufacture of the smallest spiral hoses, and for other applications where the mandrel is under particularly high tension.  The flexiral modulus of this material ranges from 750 – 2700MPa

  • Type S Nylon

    A more flexible nylon mandrel grade, Type S, offers even more flexibility that Type R (flexural modulus 280-380MPa)

  • Superflex Nylon

    Our new, most flexible nylon is aimed at helping our customers replace rubber mandrels enabling a lower cost, better quality hose and a process that is more sustainable (recyclable)

    Click on item below to find out more

    Superflex nylon mandrels


  • Polypropylene

    Polypropylene is a low cost material which can be used to produce braided hydraulic hose.  Polypropylene typically works best between 9.3mm (3/8″) and 25mm (1″).  We recommend nylon below and above these sizes as a result of nylons preferred tensile properties which prevent stretching at smaller diameters (6.2mm, 1/4″) and greater flexibility above 25mm (1″)

  • TPE and TPX®

    Where even greater flexibility is required, or where nylons are incompatible with the hose material, we offer mandrels in a range of Arnitel® and Hytrel® grades and  like our nylon mandrels, our Hytrel® mandrels are all solid, void-free and have no central wire (unless desired).

    Our TPX® (polymethylpentene) mandrels are very flexible, have excellent chemical resistance and stability, and are easy to eject from the finished hose, making them preferred for certain applications.

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