Bell Plastics increases internal recycling and reduces mandrel scrap

At Bell Plastics, we have reduced manufacturing waste by transforming manufacturing processes at each production site. Thanks to operational changes, Bell Plastics can internally recycle and reuse more than 90% of internally generated material waste.

As part of our commitment to meet our own environmental responsibilities, Bell Plastics continues to examine our supply chain and introduce sustainable initiatives that also help customer achieve their green goals. Through this on-going innovation process, we have made several process improvements that put the environment first.

Since April 2019, more than 68% of scrap was internally recycled (50% of that has been reused). As of this date, no recyclable scrap is being sent outside the company. We now have internal recycling systems in our US and UK manufacturing facilities.

For the unrecyclable scrap material, previously sent to landfill, we’ve identified a recycling company to recycle such materials. Therefore, this kind of waste is now being externally recycled successfully. Since April 2019, more than 7 tonnes of scrap materials were saved from landfill.

We have also investigated the possible effect of using reground waste on finished products and we are now reusing many materials previously believed to not be reusable.

Looking ahead, we are investigating ways to recycle customers’ used mandrels. This is an ongoing project and we are working closely with customers to find out the best way of recycling their used mandrels. That would also prevent materials going to landfill.

To further drive positive change, Bell Plastics has signed up to Operation Clean Sweep and committed to minimise any risk of losing polymer granules to the environment. Through this process, we have upgraded our factory filtration systems to better protect the environment.

At Bell Plastics, these environmental initiatives are just the beginning. Our commitment to positive change, through internal improvements and customers partnerships, continues as part of our overall business strategy. For any further information, contact us.

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